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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is a fast growing phenomenon. Twitter has nearly 200 million users and Facebookhas well over 800 million users, with nearly 500 million people using the site every day.

Networks like these are ideal environments for sharing information, researching products and communicating with friends and colleagues, and more businesses than ever using social media marketing to embrace them.


Our team of social media marketing experts can help you harness the power of these networks to help you promote your company’s products and services, engage with your customers and listen to their feedback.

Social Media Management, Social Media Management, Sme Digital Marketing
Social Media Management, Social Media Management, Sme Digital Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing

We have social media optimisation specialists in every reach of social media marketing, from development – creating your social profiles – to monitoring and consultancy to help you keep the conversation on the right track.

Our individual approach to social media marketing tailors each campaign to your business’ unique needs.

Social Media is a powerful tool for modern businesses. Measuring marketing results is the key to success. We work hard to help businesses calculate return on investment and create social campaigns that turn likes and clicks into leads and sales.

Why Social Media Marketing?

  • Improve your brand perception
  • Bring visitors to your website
  • Encourage conversion
  • Minimise bounce rates –
  • Inspire loyalty

Advocacy, word of mouth and personal recommendation are great tools for creating a quality brand image. Social media marketing taps into these tools to help you engage with your audience, customers and even competitors to spread the word about your products or services.

Part of what makes social media marketing so effective is that content used in these environments can be moved around easily. This means it is more likely to be found by search engines, increases the number of referrers to your site by allowing you to link back to it from your posts, blogs or status updates.

You can also alert search engines to new content on your site or blogs with social bookmarking, which flags up and tags updated content. By keeping your content fresh, you are also more likely to be providing information that is useful and relevant to your audience.

We can help you increase brand visibility through Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing and other channels – whatever works for your company.

FAQ Social Media Marketing

Frequently Asked

  • Facebook is very strict when it comes to theirad policies. Businesses that promote the following products and services are not allowed to run sponsored content:

    • Tobacco products and related paraphernalia
    • Illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs
    • Unsafe supplements, as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion.
    • Weapons, ammunition, or explosives
    • Adult products or services, except for family planning and contraception
    • Spy cams, mobile phone trackers or other hidden surveillance equipment
    • Promotion of payday loans, paycheck advances or any other short-term loan
    • intended to cover someone’s expenses until their next payday
    • Promotion of business models offering quick compensation for little investment, including multilevel marketing opportunities
    • Financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings, or cryptocurrency
  • With Facebook’s algorithm update, content from pages will reach fewer people. You will most likely not get the business objectives you are looking for if you depend purely on organic results.

You will be able to see all the posts before publishing starts. You need to request for Revisions to the posts before the cycle starts, otherwise, revisions may not be entertained. Moreover, posts that are approved beyond their scheduled publishing date may not be published.

Only one Facebook page will be managed for each social media management package bought. If you would like to have us manage several Facebook pages, please purchase a package for each.

The Facebook Pixel collects data from your website. Data pulled from this tool can help identify the best audience for your campaign. You can even create custom audiences for retargeting. Your reports may also contain additional information, such as: Website referrals from Facebook, Top website URLs, and Top Social Media Sources.

  • We believe social media marketing must drive business goals, not vanity metrics. Our methodology targets the right audience with the right creatives to ensure your business is always top-of-mind when consumers want to buy a service or product.
  • No, we do not. However, the product does contain auto-responders and we will monitor your messages to make sure that every user is given immediate attention.
  • We do not require the username and password of your personal profile. We will simply request for access to your Facebook page which doesn’t require us to get your credentials. In fact, logging into other users’ profiles is highly discouraged since this can cause the profile to be locked.
  • For cancellations, let your project manager know and we will finish the cycle that you paid for. If you won’t be removing our access to your assets within 3 months of cancellation, we will manually disconnect our assets from your accounts on Facebook.
  • We will use up the monthly budget, regardless of how many posts were published. If the budget we spend is different from the declared allocated budget, we’ll include how much the ad used in the reports.

Social Media Monthly Campaign

Get started with Social Media Marketing. Includes profile and tracking setup for Facebook, as well as content generation for Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media Instagram (Add-on)

Add Instagram to the Social Media channels for your clients' Social Media Monthly campaign.

5 Additional Posts For Social Media Monthly

Add 5 additional posts for your clients’ Social Media Monthly Campaign every month!

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Our process is what make us effective. We try to understand you and then your business/vision to the core and that’s what makes all the difference.

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